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Term Limits

April 2018

Murder – week after week, month after month, across the country. Pushed beyond his limits, one man takes on the establishment, the gun lobby and corruption at the highest levels. To break the power of entrenched elites, he leads the nation on a grisly hunt. He’s hunting them. And they’re hunting him. One side will have to blink. In the meantime people are dying. Term Limits is a thriller from the front pages of our newspapers. It couldn’t be more topical.


July 2011

Early one morning in November of 1972 a young boy knocks on his neighbor's door and explains that he can't find his mother. The neighbor goes to the boy's house and does find her, lying bludgeoned to death on the family room floor. Five hours later police find the boy's father hunting, two hours from their home. He becomes the primary suspect in his wife's murder.

In the subsequent months and years the father and his sons live under the shadow of that murder trying to protect the victim's reputation and to avenge her death. 


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